One Fung Shui expert says,
"It's perfect for health, wealth and harmony, everyone should have one."
The Mó-Shen  Poster:

Gary Lee Burns created this design in one second with stroke of a felt pen, or was it really one second? You see, as a child he was fascinated with his first Golden Book, The Body. He began drawing the human form over and over, hundreds then thousands of sketches.

Forty years later, on his way to his poetry group, the assignment was to create a sketch of your poem. With one fluid stroke; Eureka, the symbol embodying what he had been looking for. A simple symbol Dr. Burns describes as, "Da Vinci's holistic man, abstracted in motion."

Now seen on clothing, jewelry and framed posters in many homes and offices in Boca Raton, Florida.  This Mó-Shen symbol is fast becoming the next, newest, most famous symbol in the world. Yes, one world in Mó-Shen  for health and harmony.

with order of a poster.

Mó-Shen Poster...
Size: 11 x 17
Price: $19.95